Strategic Litigation

The Institute is involved in various proceedings pending before the European Court of Human Rights.

Observations on Legislative Proposals

The Institute presents observations on legislative proposals in Cyprus.

Minority Issues

We regularly represent members of various vulnerable minorities in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

Hudorovic and Others v. Slovenia (application nos. 24816/14 and 25140/14)

EHRLI is acting for the applicants.

The Second Section of the Court issued its judgment on 10 March 2020. On 9 June 2020, we requested referral of the case to the Grand Chamber of the Court. In our request for referral, we note:

“This is the first time the Court is required to consider whether and to what extent the Convention requires access to safe drinking water and sanitation for individuals within its jurisdiction. The Chamber’s judgment leaves the Convention’s applicability to these matters unresolved. It also sets out and purports to apply an ambiguous test in assessing the State’s obligations in this respect. 

In addition, the Chamber did not consider the requirements of Article 14 and the clear difference in treatment of the applicants, who are members of a vulnerable and historically underprivileged social group, when compared to the majority of the Slovenian population. The Chamber also did not engage at all with the fact that a significant number of the applicants in the present case are children for whom the rights in question are of paramount importance. It is our submission that these matters should be considered and definitively answered by the Grand Chamber.”